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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lighthouse Plan Article

A shining light at night to boaters could be the difference between life and death or simply just getting home for dinner on time. The beautiful lighthouse; a symbol of strength, hope and guidance; used mostly on the Great Lakes and Oceans can now be used in the same way but on a much, much smaller scale.

How many times have you been out on a boat well after dark and struggled to find your way back to the dock? Or, refused to go out because it was too close to dark, knowing that it’s just too hard to find your way home. Lets face it, lakes are getting over crowded and with house after house, and dock after dock, landmarks of any kind are far and few between. Now you can have your very own fully functional lighthouse at the end of your dock, channel or peer. Your very own landmark to help navigate you home after dark. One that is durable and will last year after year and is easily constructed from readily available landscaping timber.

What? You don’t live on a lake. Well this beautiful structure also works great in yards, end of driveways and flower gardens, bringing a nautical look to your home and/or business. Simple construction, longevity, fully functional and can be built on a retiree’s budget!

Plan available EXCLUSIVELY through Sherwood CreationsLandscaped Lighthouse Plan: Item #2041
Parts Required: (1) Revolving Beacon: Item #H610
Plan includes easy to follow instructions, templates, patterns, material list and clearly illustrated diagrams.

Copyright 2010, Sherwood Creations

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