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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mascot Patterns (article)

School and/or Team Mascots!

Have a little school spirit and show your school or teams colors by making and painting your favorite teams or schools mascot. Display it proudly in you yard, home or even at your school.

Show your child or grandchild that you want to be involved and are proud of the school that he or she attends. Get your kids involved in making the mascot themselves. They are so easy to make and with our patterns the painting process is as simple as paint by number paint set. So easy that anyone can do it, and the results will simply astound you.

These beautiful mascots can be displayed practically anywhere; home, yard, office or on the side of a barn, or shed. Fasten it to the fence or wall at the ballpark, school hallway or gymnasium. Use them as signs for fundraising events or attach them to an existing sign advertising your weekly events, games or assemblies. Just imagine how great these would look on the playing field as the marching band marches by or on the side lines amongst the cheerleaders as game takes place. They would even look pretty awesome fastened to your homecoming float in the parade.

As you can see there are countless locations and countless ways you can display and support your favorite team or school and with so many of them available there is sure to be one for you. If not we seem to add to this collection just about every catalog. If you don’t see the one you are looking maybe we will have it soon or feel free to call us (800) 843-2571 and suggest one. As always you can always email us as well: Sorry we are unable to copy licensed logos and/or copyrighted art.

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