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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Child's Chair/Step Stool Pattern

Child's Chair/Step Stool Woodcrafting Pattern #2303

Kids will enjoy their independence as they learn that they can do things for themselves with the help of this handy flip Chair/Step Stool. One second it's a chair just their size and with a flip of the wrist it turns into a very useful step stool. Sure to become one of the most useful items as your child learns and explores a whole new world of being 8 inches taller. Strong enough to support an adult as well and would come in handy for those hard to reach shelves. This item can easily be made with just a 1X12 x 48" long pine board and the help from our easy to follow full-size pattern. 14"H x 14"W x 11"D.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scroll Saw Sanding Belts Article

Scroll Saw Sanding Belts easily smooth the edges of scroll saw projects in wood, plastic, metal and composites. These durable, fabric backed belts have molded polycarbonate ends for attaching to most scroll saws that take 5" blades. ScrollSander belts rapidly remove bumps, burns and feathering, and correct wondering from a cutting line.

They also work great on curves, concave and convex edges and can reach into intersections.

ScrollSander Belts come with pin and plain ends in 1/4” and 1/2” widths in a choice of 80, 120, 180, and 220 grits. Mount ScrollSander Belts as easily as a blade. Remount with opposite side up to extend the life of ScrollSander.

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Other Scroll Saw Sanders available at Sherwood below...

Scroll Saw Sanders. Convert your scroll saw into a power sander. Files shape and sand complex contours and forms easily eliminating the need for tedious hand sanding. The silicon carbide abrasive is aggressive enough to cut as well as sand in most materials.

Scroll Saw Sanders. The last one you will ever buy! Made from Tungsten Carbide, second only to Diamonds in hardness! Sharpest and longest lasting ever! Welded to steel so it will never tear loose! Cuts and sands at the same time! 80 Grit.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mascot Patterns (article)

School and/or Team Mascots!

Have a little school spirit and show your school or teams colors by making and painting your favorite teams or schools mascot. Display it proudly in you yard, home or even at your school.

Show your child or grandchild that you want to be involved and are proud of the school that he or she attends. Get your kids involved in making the mascot themselves. They are so easy to make and with our patterns the painting process is as simple as paint by number paint set. So easy that anyone can do it, and the results will simply astound you.

These beautiful mascots can be displayed practically anywhere; home, yard, office or on the side of a barn, or shed. Fasten it to the fence or wall at the ballpark, school hallway or gymnasium. Use them as signs for fundraising events or attach them to an existing sign advertising your weekly events, games or assemblies. Just imagine how great these would look on the playing field as the marching band marches by or on the side lines amongst the cheerleaders as game takes place. They would even look pretty awesome fastened to your homecoming float in the parade.

As you can see there are countless locations and countless ways you can display and support your favorite team or school and with so many of them available there is sure to be one for you. If not we seem to add to this collection just about every catalog. If you don’t see the one you are looking maybe we will have it soon or feel free to call us (800) 843-2571 and suggest one. As always you can always email us as well: Sorry we are unable to copy licensed logos and/or copyrighted art.

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mascots shown
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Animal Banks Patterns (article)

Fun to make and kids/grandkids really love using them.

What do you do with all that scrap wood you have left over in the workshop or garage? Do you just toss it? Burn it? Or, do you put it to good use on smaller projects? If I were you, I certainly would try and find some good use for it, or you’re just throwing your hard earn money away. I would much rather toss my change in one of these great looking, useful and educational banks, than to see it go up in flames in wasted wood.

Not only will the kids learn the species of some animals,your child or grandchild will also learn the value of saving money in a rather fun way.

As you can see we have several banks to choose from and we seem to add more and more to each catalog. They are very popular and a lot of fun to make. So what are you waiting for? We also have the “kits” available for the banks which include the 2 clear acrylic sides and the plastic stopper for the bottom for emptying the bank when it gets full.

These projects are certainly a great way of using up all those small scrap pieces of lumber that keep cluttering up your workshop and you just hate to through away. They also make fantastic gifts!

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Carving Faces in Hiking Sticks

How to Carve a Woodspirit in a
Hiking Stick

Learn step-by-step techniques for carving a face in the wood. Hiking sticks and woodspirits are a natural combination.

Paperback format
46 pages
Item #B-605 
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Carve Faces in Driftwood

Start with a sketch, end with a carving!
144 detailed black and white photos and drawings help illustrate how to carve Indian, spirits, wizardry and every day folk in old weathered wood. The step-by-step photography insures easy success as it guides you through the each process of creating your very own work of art. Detailed instructions accompany each photo.
Paperback format, 53 pages
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Zany Wooden Toys Book

What do you get when you combine a creative mind, the spark of ingenuity, a pinch of engineering, and the fun of woodworking?

You get 28 of the coolest, easy-to-make, wooden action toys that will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

With these top-secret plans from Toy Inventors Workshop, you’ll whiz a marble at warp-speed, spin a nickel until it’s dizzy, pop a gumball in the air, and fly a tissue to your sneezing friend. The best part is they can all be easily made using this simple-to-follow guide that includes detailed patterns, step-by-step instructions and good o’ engineering know-how.

Zany Wooden Toys Book
28 Projects that Whiz, Spin, Pop, and Fly that you can build, from the Toy Inventor's Workshop. 224 pages.
Item #B-626
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