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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Early Construction Machines Plan

Too NEW for our catalog!
Be the first to build these GREAT machines!
The road grader's front wheels turn and the blade can swing left or right

The steam roller is steered by the steering wheel inside the cab

The dump truck’s bed raises and the tail gate opens to release a load


The steam shovel’s arm raises up and down and the bucket pitches to release a load. The system pivots on a wheeled base


The Crane’s boom raises and lowers. A line allows the hook to raise a load up and down. The turret moves left and right. A cargo container is included in the plan.

Early in the 1900s, horse drawn machines were being updated to steam and reciprocating power to build roadways and prepare building sites for an industrial world. Our wood versions represent five of the most common machines from those bygone years. All are in one plan package. Display at work, on a shelf at home, or as gifts for construction friends or for youngsters who sit on curbs watching machines at work. Each one has moving parts for working the ground. Fun, educational, and fairly easy to build. For reference the dump truck is 12" long x 5" high. All five plans for only $21.95

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